"Building to Meet Your Changing Needs"

Accessible Home Modifications

We have the experience and knowledge to make your home 100% livable. No one should feel trapped in their home by not having proper access to all of its areas. If you are having trouble accessing your house from the outside, accessing your bathroom, or moving about your house we can provide the access to allow you to get to all areas of your home.

We have the experience and expertise to help. We are contracted with all 3 of the major Managed Care Organizations(MCOs) in PA and have an in-house Certified-Aging-in-Place-Specialist(CAPS)

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We can work with you to transform your existing space into an accessible bathroom.


A list of common accessible bathroom modifications:


•  Install Barrier-Free Showers  •  Install Comfort Height Toilets  •  Install Grab Bars  •  Install Detachable Showerheads  •  Install Showerseats  •  Widen Doorways  •  Improve Lighting  •  Install Wall Mounted Sinks  •  Install Medicine Cabinets  •  Modify Existing Bathroom Layouts


Accessibility into a home is very important. We can build a variety of ramps to suit your individual needs.


Types of ramps we provide:


•  Threshold ramps (into front doors or over small elevation changes)
•  Wooden Ramps
Metal Ramps
Concrete Ramps

Stair Lifts

Do you have a bathroom on an upper or lower floor? Do you have important space in your basement? Do you have a washer and dryer on an upper or lower floor? Perhaps, a few steps to get onto your porch with no space for a ramp or VPL?


We install both interior and exterior stair lifts. With stair lifts, multi-floor homes become one level.


We install:

•  Interior Stair Lifts (for straight and curved stairwells)  •  Exterior Stair Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL)

Having an accessible path into your existing home is important. Sometimes houses in town do not have enough space for a ramp. VPLs can be used in this scenario because they take up less space than a ramp and can still provide access.


We install VPLs specific to the client’s needs:

•  Different size heights

•  Straight through (most common)

•  90 degree turns available (if necessary)


We provide a variety of porch/deck options. Many times, when making an accessible entrance into the home, modifications or new porch/decks need to be constructed to accommodate client needs.


We install:

•  Wooden Pressure Treated Porches/Decks

•  Composite decking available

•  Pressure treated, vinyl, and metal railings

Concrete Slabs/Sidewalks

Just what the title says. Concrete slabs for VPLs and floors. Concrete sidewalks for stable consistent and sturdy transitioning. When it comes to transferring and using accessible paths, it is important to have a safe and consistent surface.